pubblica amministrazione

- notice of initiation under Art. 7, Law no. 241/90 (if, when, how);

- interim measures taken pending an administrative procedure;

- the suspension of administrative orders under Art. 21-quater, Law no. 241/90;

- formation, limits, memorandum of incorporation, bylaws;

- operation, staff recruitment, acquisitions and sales;

- selection of the private partner. Majority and minority public ownership;

- access to documents;

- service charters;

- contracts generating income and lex specialis [tender specifications];

- concessions of public services;

- sponsorships;

- European and international research competitions. Framework program;

- sale of real and personal properties and securitisations;

- competenze degli organi di Governo;

- competenze dirigenziali;

- contenzioso elettorale;

- tributi locali (Tassa R.S.U., TIA, TOSAP, Imposta su insegne e pubblicità ICI, IMU);

- finanza locale.


Zuständigkeiten der Regierungsorgane;

- responsibilities of local Government bodies;

- managers’ responsibilities;

- election disputes;

- application of Law no. 241/90 in light of the Digital Administration Code (DAC), dematerialisation, filing, electronic flows and computer file;

- digital signature and electronic signature;