Administrative procedure

- notice of initiation under Art. 7, Law no. 241/90 (if, when, how);

- interim measures taken pending an administrative procedure;

- the suspension of administrative orders under Art. 21-quater, Law no. 241/90;

- internal review: revocation under Art. 21-quinquies, Law no. 241/90 and annulment under Art. 21-nonies, first subparagraph, Law no. 241/90;

- validation of administrative orders;

- the SCIA [Certified Activity Start-Up Notice], tacit consent rule and remedies aimed against silence;

- consultation with competent authorities;

- agreements on the procedure and on the administrative order and agreements between different public administrations;

- access to administrative documents, access acts and regulations;

- administrative procedure, organisational unit, official in charge of the procedure and official in charge of passing the administrative order;

- terms for the conclusion of administrative procedures;

- collective bodies, quorum for the validity of meetings and quorum for passing resolutions, absent members and minute taking;


public administration